Thursday, 20 August 2009

'Style Bubble'

Thanks to one of T.U.K's (and the world's) favourite style bloggers, the brillient Susie Lau, or 'Style Bubble' who has once again posted about T.U.K. Creepers to her thousands of daily readers.
Susie first wrote about T.U.K. after the David David at the Fashion East runway at London Fashion Week last year and after we recently delivered two brand spanking new pairs to her, Susie was in her T.U.K. Creepers and on Carnaby Street for the Liberty walk-off.
Liberty had called on London's fashion lovers to attend the store dressed in florals for a photo shoot and walk-off and Susie was aptly dressed for the occasion, saying "Set me a theme for the day and I'll get stuck in", Susie is wearing these "T.U.K. suede creepers with paisley printed fabric laces".

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