Thursday, 24 September 2009

Stomp the runway...

We have been stomping down the catwalk during Fashion Week season and following our traditional punk and subculture heritage T.U.K. are proving that the iconic image of the Creeper is still synonymous with the rebels of fashion 60 years after their creation.
We hit the runway for Ziad Ghanem’s collaboration with Firetrap - ‘Maiden Britain’, where British street style was the theme of the designer’s ready-to-wear collection making the iconic T.U.K Creepers the natural choice, featuring across the men’s and women's models in black and white Low Mondo (2.5cm sole) and High Mondo (5cm sole) soled creepers in suede, leather and leopard print.Charlie Le Mindu had his own hairy take on T.U.K. for his runway show with a customized 10 inch Creeper sole and hair pieces alongside his incredible hair glasses, hair lips and the show-stopping Eiffel Tower headdress.
Across the globe T.U.K. Creepers could also be spotted at Fashion Week's from New York fashion week on the likes of Susie Lau of Style bubble to Emma Bell’s runway show for Vienna’s Fashion Week and T.U.K.’s own SS’10 collection will also soon be launched at Coffin on Cake’s Press Open Day (Wednesday November 4th) with the much anticipated white Creeper sole to be previewed exclusively there! See all the Ziad pics at

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